Wave Ski Paddles


It is worth getting a specially designed paddle for surfing a wave ski. You can use a standard kayak paddle, but they are usually too long and heavy, or a “white water” paddle, but they are designed with large blades for powerful balancing strokes and they have a large surface area under the blade that often bangs your rail. It doesn’t damage a plastic kayak, but shatters the glass on a light fiberglass wave ski. In addition, we generally prefer a fairly high repetition stroke on a wave ski that the large white water blades discourage.

After 20 years wave ski experience and a year of testing, I designed a wave ski blade that is safer for your ski and has just the right surface area to allow a nice cadenced stroke. In addition, I add a finger grip for your right hand that helps you keep your grip on the shaft while bashing and slashing the waves.

We recommend using a paddle the same length as your height, but most short ski surfers prefer a paddle that is 2” to 4” shorter than they are tall.

We keep in stock these sizes:

168 cm= 5’6”

176 cm= 5’9”

182cm = 6’

190 cm = 6’3”


Werner paddles makes these strong (carbon shaft), light paddles for us.

They are only available from Infinity surfboards.

If you have any questions about the paddle email Steve@infinitysurf.com

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